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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


OK, today and yesterday have kind of sucked rotten eggs. Multiple reasons:
1) First and foremost, MY. HOUSE. IS. A. TOTAL. DISASTER. AREA!!! We've been having painting and plastering done. Originally I was told that it would take 3-4 weeks. We're going on 10. Half the time no one shows up. The painter who runs the outfit isn't returning any of my calls. (But I usually call at night, so I'm going to try a sneak attack tomorrow morning.) The real problem with all of this is that all summer I've been buying stuff to redo the apartment. In a big heap in the living room or jammed in the lined closet I have: curtains for 4/5 windows, including blackout curtains for 2 of them (it's an apartment. And the windows are 6'x5'.), curtain rods for 4/5 windows, 2 new towel bars, 2 glass shelves for the bathroom, a new sofa cover, cat repellant for the sofa cover so that it doesn't end up looking like the sofa that it's covering, a bed skirt, bedspread, assorted organizational thingies, a new bathroom sink faucet, a new rug for the bedroom, a new shower curtain, rug and hand towels for the bathroom, new door knobs for every door in the house except the front get the idea. I HATE living like this!! Every time I put something down I loose it. 2) My father was supposed to have a hip replacement on Monday. But the OR suite sprung a leak, and he's been moved to Friday. This is bad for 2 reasons: 1) We leave on vacation next Wed, and I feel bad leaving my mom all alone to cope with the aftermath of his surgery (although it can't be as bad as the double knee replacement that he had in January. 2)This is really selfish, but this means that my weekend is pretty much shot. And I have about a gazillion things to do before we leave for vacation.3) My patient who at one point had a heart rate of 170 and later had to be intubated has decided to stop dialysis and has been moved to a hospice, which is what HE wanted. And if he got what he wanted then I'm glad. But I didn't get to say good bye, b/c it all happened in a hurry. I have their contact info so I'll be able to send a card to his wife after he dies. And I'm pretty sure that I'll know when it happened if I just pay attention to the obits in the NYT.

4) One of the docs who leaves everything to me (orders-I swear that he hasn't written any in the past 3 years since I've been there, and notes) is gone for the week. No problem. Except that he didn't see fit to tell me. Grrr. Caused a little confusion today.

5) (Boy, this list is getting long) There are 2 MDs and me in pheresis. It basically all goes though us. One of the docs isn't really involved because he's now doing other thing, so it's really just 2 of us. Makes it hard when I want to go on vacation b/c that's the only free time between camp and school for my kid, and the doc that I work with won’t to take the week off to drive his kid to college. When he's on vacation he tells his secretary to foreword all pheresis consults to me. So apparently I'm running the world-or my little corner of it anyway. Actually I have to say that I do think that it's kind of neat that an MD is signing out to an NP. Of course his wife is an NP, which explains a lot. She says she always hears about it when I go on vacation! Of course today this doc (I'm going to have to think of a name for him) brought me peanut M&Ms today, so I really shouldn't be complaining!

6) I'm missing some of my patients. We run a very specialized program for a genetic disease. We have 21 patients, and we're the largest center in the US! Some of our patients are kids. One of them is out of the country for several months, and isn't coming back until Sept. She's the same age, grade, height, etc as my daughter-in fact they've met each other. The problems here are twofold-she shouldn't be missing treatment for this long, and I miss her!

OK, I guess I'm done complaining. Maybe.


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