The Lady With The Lamp...Not!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nothing major today, just a chunk of time trying to get a cardiac MRI pre-approved by a patient's insurance. The primary is GHI and the pt doesn't have a primary care GHI provider. Not a huge deal, this particular GHI plan doesn't seen to require it. But the secondary insurance is HIP. >:-( And apparently HIP requires you to have a HIP primary care provider, even if that's your secondary insurance. Got that? Right, me neither. But apperently we need to help the patient find one. Of course it's going to take all of an initial visit to just go though the 1st half of the patient's history (let's just say the the 1st MI was at the age of 12. Twelve.). I know that there are reasons for some of the things that the insurance companies do, but at this point the patient's care is being obstructed. Grrrr.

OK, time to go and watch "So You Think You Can Dance" with my daughter. Let's hear it for quality TV!


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